Many of you will hunting for best high paying jobs in IT companies but you are not sure which course you need to study to get placed in high profile industry. Here, we have given the top 10 assured placement courses in Chennai. With the advent role of Digital India, IT sector has to play most protruding role in nation’s economy. There has been a massive growth in aspirant business professionals and technology-based startups. To take part in the massive growth, you need to be well-versed in any one of these courses.

1. Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing is a form of advertising the products through digital channels. With the rapid transferal of advertising from traditional method to online platforms, the need of marketing graduates who are familiar in digital marketing has increased. The course gives you brief explanation on how to use SEO services, tools and strategies which are playing most important aspects of promotion.

2. Python Course

Python is the best course for beginners. Python doesn’t require previous programming experience. Python is a language with simple syntax and powerful libraries set. There are multiple job training institutes in Chennai to learn Python. The course explains about text and image processing, creation of graphics, and genomics.

3. Full Stack Development Course

Full stack development involving both front and back-end development of application. Now-a-days, companies looking for full stack developers because multiple professionals work on the development takes more time and it would be complex. This course provides a seamless transition from simple developer to stack developer. If you learn full stack development, you would be expertise in multiple technologies and the job is guaranteed.

4. Web Designing Course

It is a process of intellectualizing and designing web pages by considering visibility and functionality. If you are interested in creativity, then web designing would be the best choice. The demand of web designers is extensive as they can be engaged in any industry. Most of the business are run on websites to reach the customers. This course is intended to start a better path toward future studies in web development and design, regardless of how little experience or knowledge you have. Most of the training centers in Chennai are providing both training and placements.

5. AWS Course

This course covers the basic principles of developing IT infrastructure on the AWS (Amazon Web Services) platform. It is designed to demonstrate the architect how to optimize the use of AWS cloud by considering the AWS services and how these services are personalized to cloud-based solutions. If you are aspiring to become solution architect or design engineer, then AWS is the best course.

6. Hadoop Course

It is an open-project used for storing and processing bulk information of unstructured data in distributed environment. It covers high-level concepts of HDP and Hadoop ecosystem. Students don’t need to have previous knowledge on programming language for this course. Hadoop framework used by large IT companies like IBM, Google, and Facebook. Need of Hadoop Developers are increasing day-by-day.

7. DBA Course

Looking for profile that combines your passion for new technology along with problem-solving skill, then DBA is the seamless choice. DBA is responsible for presentation, reliability, and safety of the database. Without data, companies cannot do business. Database is stored for future use so the design and the utility must be better and database standard. If you have learned this course, you will obtain a better job in best companies.

8. Core JAVA And J2EE Course

Java is one of the job guarantee courses in Chennai. From our personal computers to cell phones, there are millions of applications working on Java platform. Java plays a big role in IT industry for more than two decades. But the demand of Java developers has not reduced. This course is intended for people who are interested in creating mobile applications.

9. UI/UX Development Frameworks Course

UI refers to user experience and UX refers to user design. This course requires little programming knowledge and basic understanding in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. UI/UX designers have high scope in today’s industry. If you have this knowledge, companies are ready to take you instantly for software development.

10. Devops Course

This course enhance the developmental skills a step ahead from basics. You will learn how to explore and debug window services and design and test apps for windows phones. Before obtaining Devops certification, you should have some prior knowledge on Java and Microsoft Technologies. If you have done this course, you will be placed in high-pay scale profile.


There are many courses in Chennai but the above listed courses have high scope and great pay scale jobs. We assure that you will be benefited with these software courses. Some training institutes in Chennai offering training cum job placements.

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