Top Software Testing Skills to Learn Become a Software Testing Engineer

Software testing actually involves a procedure of computer system verification to check whether it explores the requirements and also results in the desired outcome. Ultimately it is to involve in identifying the software product bugs. Software testing directly means to create any impeccable solution in order to offer a quality software product without any kind of issue or bug-related problems.

This is the right field for the software tester where the person would be learning new every day and also would know the advancement of methodologies to grow and develop the skills. It’s inevitable to keep up all kinds of development technologies on hand and also so need to communicate with clients effectively about the product information and to stay competitive.

The scope for software testing as a career is growing phenomenally in the last few years. It has witnessed massive growth and testing profession becomes a crucial role for product selection and implementation. Businesses have also realised the importance of software testing for applications before they make any release. The contemporary testing profession seems to be a right choice for the career.

Individuals who pursue their area related to software tester can be a test engineer and the career can definitely grow in a different level. The growth aspects related to the software testing options seems to be growing in the recent past years and in the near future.

Essential education, background and skills for software testers

Academic background

Software testers should have some prerequisites to be in this field.

  • Graduations computer science background like BTech, BE, MCA BCA, BSC computer will be the basic and fundamental prerequisite of a software tester
  • If the person does not hold any of the mentioned degrees then processing a software testing certification is a mandatory one
  • Software testing certification courses like CST and ISTQB will definitely make the person get proficient in software development

Software testing Skills required

To become a software tester it is essential to know the technical skills and it is also important to learn and understand the non-technical skills because you have to check with the professionals who are proficient in this area.

Software Testing Skills-Technical Software Testing Skills- Non technical
Fundamentals of database / SQL: There is a good amount of data found in the software systems and we need to work out with that background. The data bases have different kinds of options to store the data and they are Oracle, my SQL and others. Situation will arise where the data needs to be under the process of validation and in such scenarios either simple or complex SQL queries comes under the checking process to store the data. Being analytical: One of the important skills to be known by the software tester is having analytical skill. It definitely helps the person to break every kind of complex systems into small concepts to create more kinds of tests. Explore whether the individual has the right analytical skill and if he or she is able to solve minimum of one problem it means whether he possesses the analytical skills or he is on the way of acquiring.
Linux commands fundamental knowledge: The software applications include Web Services, application servers and databases which everything gets deployed in the Linux machines. It becomes an impeccable factor for the testers to understand the knowledge related to the Linux commands. Good communication: Software testers major responsibility is to be well versed in technical knowledge and at the same time having a command over communication both written and verbal are yet another dimension. Software testers should be very comprehensive in creating test cases, plants, strategies, bug reports for which written communication plays an important role. When the tester deals with the developers, he or she should rightly possess the communication skill to be diplomatic in nature.
Comprehensive knowledge and practical experience on test management tool: this becomes a fundamental concept of software testing and without undergoing the test management techniques the process related to the safe software testing will ultimately be in the failure mode. This is completely related to the testing artefacts. Various tools available in order to get the proper utilisation of test management and we have to understand the fundamental knowledge and work experience of those tools where they are handled by the major companies. Time and organisation management skills: Time management is one of the important skills required in every kind of job and obviously tester is also included in that. To opt for the code released obviously time, place and crucial role since he has to manage workload results to be productively successful and also organisation effectiveness can be found through proper allocation and planning.
Theory and practical experience of defect tracking tool: Defect tracking tool is another important aspect of software testing which is very difficult to manage defects and also help successful in tracking them systematically. This becomes an important option since the entire team would be concentrating as half to involve in this defect tracking which includes your managing developers, testis team developers and others. There are various tools to identify defects like QC, bugzilla, jira and others. Attitude:Having a positive attitude is an important step for a software tester because every test he performs is not necessary to be a successful one but should be confident enough to face any kind of challenges with a positive attitude. That you should have an independence nature so that you take the responsibility of the task that is being allocated and also should be very much involved in direct supervision.
Theory and practical knowledge of automation tools:To become an automation tester it is important to get enough experience in the field of manual testing and also should be processing the knowledge related to automation tools. Basically to crack the interview options knowing fundamentals of automation tools alone are not needed where practicing and experiencing through hands-on training is also important. Alongside is important to get the fundamentals of scripting language like JavaScript VB script, c# always seem to be a supportive tool. Gain the passion: Excelling in any kind of job is a significant role to develop the passion. You need to determine whether you have chosen the right profession or not and being in a software testing obviously this kind of passion is important.
Learn Software Testing

Career path for Software Testing Engineer

  • Quality analyst
  • Senior quality analyst
  • Test manager
  • Quality analyst team coordinator
  • Quality analyst team head
  • Senior test manager
  • Quality analyst executive
Pay scale for Software Tester

Software tester annual compensation or remuneration changes from company to company and also according to the qualification it has its own impact. Approximately the salary range of a software tester in India would be between 3 lacs and 5 lacs annually.

Software Tester Salary

How to Become a Software Tester?

The fundamentals involved in acquiring software testing professionals to gain practical and theoretical knowledge in the respective field. Alongside you like to take steps to learn selenium which is an automation tool and then move to JMeter which takes you to a performance testing tool learning. After completing these basic tools the final test is the test link which is called a test management tool. While you learn all these kinds of tool applications you can apply for freelancing jobs so that you can earn while you learn.

It’s also an important suggestion to take a certification course related to this software testing profession.

Certification Exam
  •   ISTQB- This is a basic foundation level involved in the testing field.
  •   This can obviously enhance the chance of getting a career because many companies keep this as a criterion
  •   High priority will be given to the person who has completed the certification
 Software Tester Training and Resources

Software testing area is elevating towards automation and software testers quality analysts are shopping from the manual way of testing to automatic options. Automated software testing seems to be the trending aspect in the field of testing and it is also found efficient in the software methodology. To learn software automation testing there are great test automation tools are available which can be found below

  • Selenium
  • Testingwhiz
  • Watir
  • Ranorex
  • Sahi

Software testing certification training is provided by many institutes and this program includes CTL, HP ALM testing programs.


This will highlight the crucial and comprehensive software testing skills need to be possessed by the Software tester or those who are aspiring to be in this field. Choose the right institute to pursue your certification course in the Software testing area and get your career path in a clarified way by enhancing your Software Testing Skills.

Software Testing Training

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